We provide a full package of services by undertaking projects where turn-key solutions are requested or even partial interventions and renovations.

Our field of expertise is the interior and small scale exterior architecture as well as the design of furniture, industrial and decorative objects.

The first sector of our company’s activities deals with private residences where we intervene from the first stages of structural elements until the final stage that concerns decorative objects. The second sector deals with professional spaces such as retail shops, showrooms, exhibitions kiosks, offices and medical centers.

Specific services that we provide

Initial advisory visit: With a visit to your place and after discussing your needs, we can provide you with our consultation and solutions. This meeting can be a onetime discussion or a starting point that could also set the foundation towards a greater collaboration.

Architectural design – Study: We deal with the spatial design and the functional configuration of a given space. Emphasis is given on aesthetics, design and decoration.

Research: A crucial component of the final outcome has to do with the research of the materials to be used, furniture and decorative objects.

Supervision: We provide complete supervision at every stage of each project until its completion.